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Real-Time database utilities grouped into a single script

In most of my previous posts I provided some perl scripts used to collect real-time information from the database based on cumulative views. Those cumulative views provide a lot of useful information but are useless when real-time information is needed. … Continue reading

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Exadata : Direct path read and smart scan

To write this post I took my inspiration mainly from 2 sources: The Expert Oracle Exadata Book Frits Hoogland’s blog post The book (as well as the oracle university course) states that Smart Scan prerequisites are : There must be a … Continue reading

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ASM Asynchronous or Synchronous I/O

As you know ASM is doing non (operating system) buffered I/O (also known as ‘DIO’ or Direct I/O) regardless of the oracle database filesystemio_options parameter. But what’s about :  Asynchronous/Synchronous I/O ? If you have a look to MOS note … Continue reading

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Perl Scripts Shared Directory

A small post to let you know that the perl scripts used into this blog are now also available for download from this shared directory (click on the link). It will avoid a lot of copy/paste used so far. You … Continue reading

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Real-Time Wait Events and Statistics related to Exadata : Part II

Into my first blog entry on this topic I used 3 scripts to get real-time statistics at the database and session/sql_id level and wait events at the database level: This new post entry add a new one … Continue reading

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