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Retrieve and visualize system statistics metrics from AWR with R

Into my last post I gave a way to Retrieve and visualize wait events metrics from AWR with R, now it’s time for the system statistics. So, for a particular system statistic, I’ll retrieve from the dba_hist_sysstat view: Its VALUE between 2 snaps … Continue reading

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Retrieve and visualize wait events metrics from AWR with R

In this post I will provide a way to retrieve wait events metrics from AWR and to display graphically those metrics thanks to R over a period of time. Why R ?:  Because R is a powerful tool for statistical analysis … Continue reading

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Link huge PGA or TEMP consumption to sql_id over a period of time

Imagine you discovered that during a particular period of time a huge amount of PGA or TEMP space has been consumed by your database. Then you want to know, if you could link this behavior to one or more sql_id. Ok, … Continue reading

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ASM I/O Statistics Utility: Update for Exadata

In this previous post (You should read it to understand what will follow) I explained how my asmiostat utility could be useful for the Exadata community. For this, I made one assumption: Each storage cell constitutes a separate failure group (in most … Continue reading

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Exadata real-time metrics extracted from cumulative metrics: Part II

Into this post I introduced my script that I use to collect real-time cell’s metrics from the cumulative ones. I added new features on it that you may find useful/helpful: First  I added the possibility to aggregate the results based on the cell, … Continue reading

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