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Recovering after the loss of Redo Log files thanks to the file descriptor

This morning when I came at work I discovered that all the redo log files (current, active, inactive..) have been removed from one of our database (useless to say by mistake) resulting in: Errors in file /ec/prod/server/oracle/orabdt/u000/admin/BDT/diag/rdbms/bdt/BDT/trace/BDT_m000_17002.trc: ORA-00313: open failed … Continue reading

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Main pages for and

A quick post as I realized that I wrote a lot of blog posts related to those 2 scripts (New features, examples, findings…). For centralization/simplicity I just created 2 main pages for those utilities: The one related to here … Continue reading

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UKOUG TECH13: Slides

A quick post to share the presentations I did during UKOUG TECH 13. Exadata real time metrics extraction (It was a live demo so there is not a lot of slides). Examples of R usage with the oracle database. It … Continue reading

Posted in Presentations | 2 Comments “Month ’12’ out of range 0..11” dealing with the collectionTime attribute

Yesterday was the first of December and I detected an issue with the script when dealing with the collectionTime attribute. It produced: Month ’12’ out of range 0..11 at ./ line 255 This is due to the fact that when using perl … Continue reading

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