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Welcome to db_io_metrics, a new utility to display database physical IO metrics in real time

The utility is used to display database physical IO real-time metrics. It basically takes a snapshot each second (default interval) from the gv$filestat and gv$tempstat cumulative views and computes the delta with the previous snapshot. The utility is RAC and Multitenant aware. This utility: … Continue reading

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Reduce resource consumption and clone in seconds your oracle virtual environment on your laptop using linux containers and btrfs

Last week I wanted to create a new oracle virtual machine on my Laptop and I discovered that the disk space on my SSD device was more or less exhausted. Then I looked for a solution to minimize the disk … Continue reading

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SLOB Logical I/O testing: Check if your benchmark delivers the maximum

With this post, I would like to share one tip related to SLOB Logical I/O testing when you need to find out the maximum “Logical read (blocks) per second” your “benchmark” is capable of. The tip is the rule number … Continue reading

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