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Modify on the fly the cgroup properties linked to the processor_group_name parameter

Introduction I am preparing a blog post in which I’ll try to describe pros and cons of cpu binding (using the processor_group_name parameter) versus Instance caging. Today’s comparison: As you know you can change the cpu_count and resource_manager_plan parameters while … Continue reading

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cpu binding (processor_group_name) vs Instance caging comparison during LIO pressure

Introduction Suppose that I am trying to consolidate multiple databases on to a single server and that I would like to limit the cpu usage of one of the database. Then I decide to test the cpu binding approach and the … Continue reading

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Measure the impact of remote versus local NUMA node access thanks to processor_group_name

Introduction Starting with oracle database 12c you can use the processor_group_name parameter to instruct the database instance to run itself within the specified operating system processor group. You can find more detail about this feature into Nikolay Manchev’s blog post. … Continue reading

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