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New member of the OakTable Network

A quick one to say that I am very happy to be a new member of the OakTable Network. Thanks Kevin Closson for my nomination, I feel deeply honored!

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Running Oracle Database on Docker

Introduction As you may have noticed, Oracle has released a few weeks ago Docker build files for the Oracle Database on Github and an associated blog post. Should you read the blog post, you would notice that you need to download manually the … Continue reading

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Push oracle audit data into Elasticsearch and analyze/visualize it with Kibana

Introduction Auditing the oracle database may lead to a wide variety of information. What about having all this information centralized? What about having the possibility to gather, format, search, analyze and visualize this information in near real time? To achieve this, … Continue reading

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Oracle Unified Directory and user security: quick demo

Introduction Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) can be used to centrally manage database users across the enterprise. It allows us to manage roles and privileges across various databases registered with the directory. Users connect to the database by providing credentials that … Continue reading

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Push the oracle alert.log and listener.log into Elasticsearch and analyze/visualize their content with Kibana

Introduction The oracle alert.log and listener.log contain useful information to provide answer to questions like: When did the Instance start? When has the Instance been shutdown? When did ORA- occur? With which code? Which IP client did connect to the Instance? … Continue reading

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Joining the Accenture Enkitec Group

On April 1 2015, I’ll start working for the Accenture Enkitec Group. No, this is not a joke for the Fool’s day and I can’t still believe it. Why?, because: Lot of people from whom I learned (and still learn) … Continue reading

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Reduce resource consumption and clone in seconds your oracle virtual environment on your laptop using linux containers and btrfs

Last week I wanted to create a new oracle virtual machine on my Laptop and I discovered that the disk space on my SSD device was more or less exhausted. Then I looked for a solution to minimize the disk … Continue reading

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