OTech Magazine – Introduction and Winter 2014 issue

Just a quick post to introduce the OTech Magazine (In case you don’t already know about it).

This magazine is independent, free to download and last but not least non-vendored at all. It’s all about oracle technologies, written by authors who want to contribute for the fun of it.

The winter 2014 issue is life, you can reach it:

  • here for OTech Magazine.
  • here for direct pdf version.

I also want to mention that I am honored to have been invited by Douwe Pieter van den Bos to write an article for this Winter 2014 issue: It’s about “ASM metrics”, you can read it here.

Enjoy reading !





exadata_metrics.pl: “Month ’12’ out of range 0..11” dealing with the collectionTime attribute

Yesterday was the first of December and I detected an issue with the exadata_metrics.pl script when dealing with the collectionTime attribute.

It produced:

Month '12' out of range 0..11 at ./exadata_metrics.pl line 255

This is due to the fact that when using perl localtime/timegm the valid range for a month is 0-11 with 0 indicating January and 11 indicating December (while the collectiontime attribute is using 1-12)

The exadata_metrics.pl script has been updated to take care of this rule (It can be downloaded from this repository).


  1. Without this update the script did not produce wrong values for the DELTA(s) field (It was simply not possible to launch the script during December).
  2. Guess when I discovered the issue? When I was speaking about my exadata_metrics.pl script during the UKOUG TECH13 conference. Live demo never works as expected :-), but with the help of some attendees (Big thanks to Martin Nash) we managed to bypass the issue during the live demo.

Speaking at the UKOUG Tech 2013

Some months ago I submitted 3 abstracts for the UKOUG Tech 2013 that will take place in Manchester, UK from December 2 to December 4, 2013:

  1. One to present some examples usage of R with the Oracle Database.
  2. One to present in a live demo my exadata utility.
  3. One to present in a live demo my asmiostat utility.

I have been also a volunteer to participate in judging. During the judging I saw ton of quality submissions, some of them made by famous people. Then after the judging I was prepared to get my abstracts rejected and so to stay home.

Last week, I had the honor to get one of my abstract accepted (The R one) and the 2 others in the reserve list.

So, I am very surprised, honored and happy to be speaking at UKOUG Tech 2013.


  • Surprised as I was prepared to stay home.
  • Honored as the UKOUG is a great event (I have heard only good comments about this event).
  • Happy as I will be able to share my work and last but not least I’ll learn a lot from all the person that will be there.

Finally, this will be my first presentation and that’s a little bit scary 😉

Hope to see you there !