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The exadata_metrics.pl utility is used to display Exadata real-time metrics extracted from the storage nodes cumulative metrics. It basically takes a snapshot of the cumulative metrics each second (default interval) and computes the delta with the previous snapshot.

Let’s see the help:

./exadata_metrics.pl help

Usage: ./exadata_metrics.pl [Interval [Count]] [cell=|groupfile=] [display=] [show=] [top=] [name=] [name!=] [objectname=] [objectname!=]

 Default Interval : 1 second.
 Default Count : Unlimited

 Parameter                 Comment                                                      Default
 ---------                 -------                                                      -------
 CELL=                     comma-separated list of cells
 GROUPFILE=                file containing list of cells
 SHOW=                     What to show (name included): cell,objectname                ALL
 DISPLAY=                  What to display: snap,avg (comma separated list)             SNAP
 TOP=                      Number of rows to display                                    10
 NAME=                     ALL - Show all cumulative metrics (wildcard allowed)         ALL
 NAME!=                    Exclude cumulative metrics (wildcard allowed)                EMPTY
 OBJECTNAME=               ALL - Show all objects (wildcard allowed)                    ALL
 OBJECTNAME!=              Exclude objects (wildcard allowed)                           EMPTY

utility assumes passwordless SSH from this cell node to the other cell nodes
utility assumes ORACLE_HOME has been set (with celladmin user for example)

Example : ./exadata_metrics.pl cell=cell
Example : ./exadata_metrics.pl groupfile=./cell_group
Example : ./exadata_metrics.pl groupfile=./cell_group show=name
Example : ./exadata_metrics.pl cell=cell objectname='CD_disk03_cell' name!='.*RQ_W.*'
Example : ./exadata_metrics.pl cell=cell name='.*BY.*' objectname='.*disk.*' name!='GD.*' objectname!='.*disk1.*'

You have to setup passwordless SSH from one cell to the other cells (Then you can launch the script from this cell).

The main options/features are:

  1. You can specify the number of snapshots and the time to wait between the snapshots.
  2. You can specify the cells on which you want to collect the metrics thanks to the cell or groupfile parameter.
  3. You can focus on some metrics thanks to the name= parameter (wildcard allowed).
  4. You can exclude some metrics thanks to the name!= parameter (wildcard allowed).
  5. You can focus on some metricobjectname thanks to the objectname= parameter (wildcard allowed).
  6. You can exclude some metricobjectname thanks to the objectname!= parameter (wildcard allowed).
  7. You can aggregate the values on the cells,on the objectname or both levels thanks to the show= parameter (see example here).
  8. You can display the snapshots, the average values since the script has been launched or both thanks to the display= parameter (see example here).
  9. You can compute the rate metrics thanks to the delta(s) column based on the collectiontime attribute (see example here).

Blog posts related to it:

The last version of the exadata_metrics.pl script is 2.1.

You can download it from this repository or copy the source code from this page.


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